Gingival recessions


Many patients come to the dentist because they notice their teeth are getting longer. This is because the gum is separating and receding, exposing the tooth that looks longer.

What is the cause?

One of the main causes is excessive brushing force, but it is not the only one, it can also be accompanied by muscular tension in the area and overloading of the tooth due to bruxism or clenching of the teeth.

How can I avoid this?

In our clinic we pay special attention to prevention as a measure to stop gingival recession.

We treat and teach the patient how to avoid the causes of recession.

Can gum recession return to its place?

The gum does not return to its original position by itself, but there are minimally invasive and painless techniques that allow the gum to return to its original position (gum grafting).

Is it treatable?

Yes, the first step is to control the main causes that are producing it and if necessary, when the recession compromises gingival health, or for aesthetic reasons, we perform a gum graft

If you think your gums are receding or you notice your teeth getting longer, don’t wait any longer, prevention is the first step to a healthy mouth.

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