Dental Implants

Why get a dental implant at Clínica Periodent

Because we differentiate ourselves in quality when choosing our materials, placing implants of the highest quality and guarantee for our patients.

But once the implant is in place in the mouth, we do not forget about it. We are aware that implants can cause problems, and we monitor and supervise them by means of X-rays and annual check-ups, thus avoiding or minimising the possible problems they can cause.

In case the implants cause any kind of problems such as peri-implantitis, we offer different alternatives to treat them.

The long-term health of your implants is very important to us and that is why we pay special attention to it.

We strive for excellence in our materials, in our minimally invasive surgical technique and in our patient care by adding our personal human touch.

Preparation before implant placement

  • As the head doctor and surgeon at Clínica Periodent, I consider it as important to place the implant as it is to prepare the patient so that his or her body can accept it.

    For this reason we carry out a detailed study which includes:
  • TAC scan, to avoid surgical risks and minimise the duration of the surgical procedure.
  • Study models,
  • Detailed photos before and after the operation.

    With this material, I study each case in a personalised way with my team of collaborators. In this way, we assess the aesthetic, functional and patient’s own conditions.

Patient preparation. What does it involve?

This consists of relaxing the muscles and tendons around the area to be operated on (facial muscles and those around the neck).

This facilitates the opening of the mouth and the mobilisation of the neck, which is so important during the operation.

As a collateral effect of relaxing the muscles in the area, the rest of the body also relaxes, which minimises the amount of anaesthesia to be used during the operation, improves postoperative comfort and reduces or eliminates the need for painkillers.

This makes implant surgery a relaxed, pleasant and in some cases even enjoyable procedure.