What is Dental Decoding / Human Decoding or Dental Reading?

It is a working tool that we offer our patients to complement any dental treatment.

It is about translating into our lives the biological and somewhat coded information found in our teeth, gums and dental diseases such as caries, endodontics, gum inflammation, exodontia, etc.

Is there any relationship between the way we live our lives and our dental problems?

Can the way we deal with the challenges life brings us influence our dental health?

With human decoding we will find out together.

dental decoding

Illness is for us a warning, a sign that something is happening to us.

And with this interpretation, disease is not something negative that we have to fight against, but rather something to understand and comprehend.

Each tooth has a story to tell us, an age at which it burps and each dental disease has a meaning, a message that our body is sending us.

Through dental reading we help you discover these messages and get to know yourself a little better through your teeth and gums. They represent a part of ourselves.

What are the benefits? 
  • It helps us to become more aware of ourselves.
  • It allows us to know better our patterns of behaviour, of action-reaction, avoiding in some cases the so called “failures” and “reicidivas”.
  • It gives a meaning to the illness in our life, within the current situation we are living in, connected also to our past.

It is important to keep in mind that Human decoding or Dental reading alone does not cure. It is always necessary to complement it with the dental treatment required in each case.

If you are interested in learning more about dental biodecoding, click here.