What is periodontology?

Periodontics is the dental speciality that deals with the care of the tissues around the tooth, i.e. the gums and bone.

The bone and gums are the foundations that give stability and support to the teeth and are therefore the main focus of our practice, as if they are not cared for and fail, the tooth can fall out and be lost.

Periodontics is also the speciality that treats the so-called “pyorrhoea” or Periodontal Disease (gingivitis and periodontitis, i.e. gum and bone problems).

And how does a patient know if he or she has periodontal disease?

Sometimes it is not always easy to tell and that is precisely why it is so important to see a periodontist for a good examination.

There are some signs and symptoms that can warn us that something is happening in our mouth and that indicate that we need to visit a periodontist.

For example:

Find out if you have periodontal disease:

  1. Do your gums bleed easily?
  2. Are your gums red or swollen?
  3. Do you have pain or discomfort in your gums?
  4. Do you notice that your gums have receded and your teeth look bigger?
  5. Have your teeth shifted recently?
  6. Have they been drifting apart?
  7. Does food get stuck between your teeth easily?
  8. Do you have bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth?


If any of these answers are yes… you may have a gum problem.

Bear in mind that sometimes periodontal disease is very silent, especially in patients who smoke, and you may have it without it warning you. That is why we recommend that you make a diagnostic appointment with us as gum specialists, Periodontics, since 1999.